Re-creo pro-actively engages with all key stakeholders. We develop schemes in partnership with joint venture investors and landowners, planning authorities, consultants and the communities in which we work. Our relationships are built on transparency, professionalism, trust, common values and a shared understanding of a project’s specific goals.

Investors - Development Partners

Estate Agents




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Our investment network comprises high-net-worth individuals, investment companies, wealth funds, financial institutions, other established property developers, housing associations and other operators. Together we form joint ventures tailored to each development scheme.

Re-creo currently has a joint venture framework relationship with B M Samuels Finance Group Plc providing mezzanine and senior debt funding.

“I have been in close partnership with the team at Re-creo over a number of years and our relationship is very much based on trust. What I particularly appreciate is that they get over difficulties from changing circumstances to produce the results expected. They have proven themselves to me over the years with their expertise and in-depth knowledge to deliver a predictable outcome.”

Andrew Samuels, Director B M Samuels Finance Group Plc


Estate agents rely on Re-creo’s ability to fund projects and our track record of performing on the acquisition of sites.

“I have known Paul and his team for circa 11 years and always found them straightforward and credible to deal with. In the transactions we have concluded, he and his team did exactly what was agreed which is all that one can ask.”

Darren Arnold , Director Savills

“We have enjoyed a close working relationship with the team at Re-creo over a number of years often dealing with complicated sites requiring careful consideration. Re-creo stand out from the rest in their talent for unlocking hidden value in a wide range of buildings. They combine creative flair and in-depth knowledge gained over many years.”

Ashley Goodman, Director Richard Susskind & Co


Property development is a complex process. That’s why Re-creo has built a strong network of specialist consultants whose expertise we rely on to deliver robust and thought-through schemes.


Re-creo works closely with housing associations and other operators in order to deliver turnkey developments tailored to their needs. These partnering arrangements facilitate the procurement of site funding.


“I enjoy collaborating with this team. They are straightforward and capable of getting the best value out of a site. They are a good partner to do business with and are able to interpret our requirements with a proactive attitude. I trust their expertise and knowledge to deliver a predictable outcome.”

Danny Lynch, Group Land Director A2 Dominion Housing Group Ltd



Re-creo works with landowners to procure valuable planning consents and develop out the land in joint venture. Our long experience and deep planning insight means we’re trusted to deliver and share investment profit.

“The team at Re-creo are capable of getting the best value out of a site armed with their experience and planning insight. I am enjoying a close working relationship with them based on trust and transparency.” 

Rob Gailor, Estates Manager Browns Group Holdings Ltd


Planning consents for ambitious schemes must always put place-making and the aspirations of the local community first. This is why Re-creo takes a highly proactive approach to the local community around every scheme we work on. By understanding local views and needs we believe we can design better developments, ones that truly add to the neighbourhoods they join.